ZJUCSE Calls for Global Talents (Revised October 2021)

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The College of Control Science and Engineering (CSE) at Zhejiang University (ZJU) invites applications for all ranks of professor positions (including tenure track, and chair professor positions) as well as postdoc fellows, in the broad areas including: Industrial Intelligence and Optimization Control, Robotics and Intelligent Unmanned Systems, Cyber Security and Safety for Industrial Control Systems, Smart Sensing and Measurement.


Applicants are required to have a Ph.D. degree in an appropriate engineering or science field. In order to increase diversity and internationalization, strong applicants with non-Chinese citizenship are strongly welcome.


This announcement remains effective until positions are filled. We will provide competitive packages and research facilities.


Position 1: Professors

Four core areas of research are open for Professor positions:


1.1. Industrial Intelligence and Optimization Control

Industrial Big Data, Knowledge Automation, Large-scale System Optimization, Distributed Coordinated Control, Intelligent Manufacturing, Smart Factory, etc.


1.2. Robotics and Intelligent Unmanned Systems

Perception, Planning, Control, Coordination, Learning and Decision, etc.


1.3. Cyber Security and Safety for Industrial Control Systems

Cyber Security, Industrial Internet Security, Networking Security, Intrusion Detection and Evaluation, Security Protection and Defense, Fault Diagnosis and Health Management, Safety Management & Assessment, Industrial Safety & Security Protocol, Cryptography and Security Algorithms, etc.


1.4. Smart Sensing and Measurement

Intelligent Perception, Biology Perception, Intelligence Evaluation and Early Warning, Highly Adaptable Optical Detection, High-precision Microfluidic Analysis, Micro-nano Detection Technology and Instrument, Quantum Perception, Quantum Computing and Measurement and Control, etc.


Applicants should send a resume to the HR office of the College at (Ms. LI Xuhua, Tel: +86-571-87951135).




Position 2: Young Professors (under the age of 35/38)

Twenty positions are open for Young Professors:


2.1  Autonomous decision, planning, control of multi-agents

We seek candidates with interests in research on the theories of group intelligent evolution mechanisms, cluster confrontation, collaboration and collective intelligence; research on the key technologies and methods of decision, planning and control of single-/multi-agents in complex environment; research on the development of corresponding simulation and experimental verification platforms. Suitable candidates should have studied the problems of autonomous decision, planning, control of multi-agents for many years, and have solid theoretical foundation, and work experience in the hardware and software design for unmanned systems.

Contact: Prof. CHEN Jiming (


2.2  Edge Computing and Intelligent Systems

We seek candidates with interests in research on hardware architecture design for edge computing, energy-efficient circuit and system development, context-aware edge computing, full-stack hardware and software design for edge AI, edge intelligence system implementation and deployment, and other related areas.Suitable candidates should have solid skills in mathematics, circuit and algorithm design, and strong system development capabilities.

Contact: Prof. CHEN Jiming (


2.3  Industrial Big Data and Intelligent Equipment Operation and Maintenance

We seek candidates with interests in research on industrial big data analysis and artificial intelligence algorithm, and technology development for important industrial process objects, in particular for major industrial equipment; research on the basic theories, key technologies and system development of "Intelligent Monitoring of Operating Conditions", including the technologies of operating condition modeling, operating condition monitoring, fault diagnosis and traceability; research on digital and intelligent means to improve equipment service efficiency.

Suitable candidates should have a solid theoretical foundation and strong technical research capabilities.

Contact: Prof. CHEN Jiming (


2.4  Research on the intelligent control algorithms and develop of frontier intelligent equipment

Job Descriptions:

Suitable candidates should have solid theoretical foundation, and strong system development and engineering capabilities. They should be familiar with the common modern control theory, software and hardware architecture of computer, development process of embedded systems. They also should know the current state of controller development, and the future direction of the frontier intelligent controller development. Better with work experience in controller and control system development.

Contact: Prof. CHEN Jiming (


2.5  Research & Development of security analysis equipment for industrial Internet of things

We seek candidates with interests in research and development in system security analysis, testing and verification, key technologies and equipment development of typical security-related industrial Internet of things, such as security analysis of firmware, protocol, programming framework and logic program, penetration testing, automatic exploit generation, security risk quantitative assessment and other related research. Suitable candidates should have a solid theorical foundation in system security, and strong engineering capabilities. Better with work experience in security-related company.

Contact: Prof. CHEN Jiming (


2.6  Intelligent technology and system for iron and steel manufacturing process

We seek candidates with interests in research on basic theories and key technologies, such as intelligent perception, optimization control, and precise diagnosis of the iron and steel manufacturing process; research on advanced control equipment and industrial software development, to support the deep integration of industrialization, informatization and intelligentization in the iron and steel industry.

Contact: Prof. CHEN Jiming (


2.7  Network Science and Big Data

We seek candidates with research interests in theoretical research and system development of network science and big data, including comprehensive performance analysis of network systems, network big data mining, spatio-temporal big data analysis, streaming data analysis, real-time database, and other related areas. Suitable candidates should have solid skills in mathematics, circuit and algorithm design, and strong system development capabilities.

Contact: Prof. CHEN Jiming (

2.8  Measurement Techniques and Automatic Devices

The research interests focus on the discipline of Measurement Techniques and Automatic Devices, including but not limited to robot sensing techniques, microfluidics and microsensors, process measurement and automation instruments, information processing and soft sensing, nondestructive testing of complex parameters as well as environmental monitoring and early warning, etc.

Contact: Prof. HUANG Zhiyao (


2.9  Terahertz Nondestructive Testing

Regarding the requirements of nondestructive testing and condition monitoring in smart materials and structures, biomedicine, and other related fields, the department invites applicants for a tenure-track faculty position in the area of advanced detection methods based on terahertz (THz) science and technology. Successful candidates will complement and strengthen the expanding research programs in the fields of THz sources and modulation, system construction and optimization, information perception and processing, frontier applications, etc. The applicants are required to demonstrate fundamental expertise and research interests in one or more of the following areas: THz spectrum analysis and imaging, THz detection, design of THz meta-surface devices, and THz imaging systems.

Contact: Prof. HUANG Zhiyao (


2.10  Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) and Micro-Robots

Facing the urgent need of improving sensation and perception capabilities in Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) and micro-robots, the department invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position in the field of next-generation MEMS sensors/actuators and micro-robots. Applicants must have exceptional knowledge in all areas of MEMS fundamentals, design and simulation of MEMS devices, microfabrication, synthesis of smart materials, and design of micro-sensors/actuators. We seek candidates with strong research backgrounds in one or more of the following areas: micro-sensors, micro-actuators, and micro-robots.

Contact: Prof. HUANG Zhiyao (


2.11  Industrial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis

In view of the information perception, online monitoring and optimization control requirements of large-scale manufacturing systems under the industrial Internet environment, the research work focuses on the theory and method of industrial cognition and distributed intelligent computing, along with the developing of distributed industrial intelligent systems and industrial software for building materials, petrochemical and other industries.

Contact:Prof. Song Zhihuan (


2.12  Biosensors and Bioanalytical Instruments

The successful candidate will be required to carry out research and industrialization of biosensors and bio-analytical instruments. Applicants should hold a Ph.D. Degree in biomedical engineering, biophysics, analytical chemistry, materials chemistry, biochemistry, neurobiology, synthetic biology, or other relevant disciplines, and have research and teaching experience in biochips such as bioelectronic devices, microfluidics chips.

Contact: Dr. XU Weihua (


2.13  Flexible Sensors

Based on the development of human-machine interaction and human-machine collaboration technology, this position focuses on the various soft sensors (e.g., capacitive sensors, resistive sensors, piezoelectric sensors, and triboelectric sensors) design and fabrication, also including soft sensing applications in the fields of soft robots, surgical robots, rehabilitation robots, sports-assisting robots, collaborative robots, etc.

Contact: Dr. XU Weihua (



2.14  Intelligent Mobile Computing Platform

The successful candidate will be required to develop the chip system for mobile robots, which is optimized for the performance of intelligent robotic algorithms with low power consumption, to leverage the mobile robots in long duration missions, and translate the robots to real-world key applications in important fields. The applicants should have experience in chip architecture design, computational modeling and architecture design, collaborative design of hardware and algorithm, and the integrated design from sensor to signal processing, etc.

Contact: Dr. XU Weihua (



2.15  Global Optimization Solvers and Distributed Computation

For enhancing the technical and theoretical advantage of mathematical programming computation, we desire researchers who is experienced and talented at fields like operations research, mathematical programming, process system engineering, distributed computation, etc. The researchers are expected to achieve goals like:  Creating advanced deterministic global optimization solvers for linear programming, mixed-integer programming, or mixed-integer nonlinear programming; Studying distributed optimization theories for large-scale optimization problems; Developing industrial level solutions or frameworks to handle NP-hard decision-making problems from manufacturing, logistics, financial applications; Teaching courses about distributed optimization or mathematical programming computation.

Contact: Dr. XU Weihua (



2.16  Vision-based Sensing and Decision for Industry

The position will conduct the research in vision-based sensing technology, informatics, control and intelligent systems, etc, especially targeting on the applications such as bio-inspired locomotion, microfluidics and complex industrial processes. New vision-based platforms (software and hardware) will be developed to advance the intelligentization of industrial measurement and decision-making. The research interests include image processing, machine learning, vision-based feedback control, data assimilation of visual information and physics, intelligent imaging system, etc.

Contact: Dr. XU Weihua (


2.17  Cyber Security and Safety for Industrial Control System

The successful candidate will be required to carry out research and development on vulnerability analysis, verification, evaluation, defense and protection for industrial control system of national key infrastructure security. Applicants should hold a Ph.D. Degree in cyber security, cryptography,fuctional safety, automation or other relevant disciplines, and have research and teaching experience in  vulnerability analysis or evaluation, cryptography,fuctional safety assessment or design.

Contact: Dr. XU Weihua (



2.18  Intelligent Decision in Robotics

Integrate control theory, operational research and artificial intelligence. Focus on the research of intelligent control, planning and decision making of robots and multi-robot systems, based on the theory of feedback control and mathematical optimization, taking advantage of artificial intelligence and other computer technologies. Improve the intelligence of multi-robot systems at the system level.

Contact: Dr. XU Weihua (



2.19  Control and Optimization in Electric Vehicle

To meet the research work in our group, the candidates are required to have academic and working experiences in the following areas: power electronics, automation, electric vehicles technology, transportation, smart grid and other related areas. The research interests can contain wireless power transmission for electric vehicles, battery management systems, control and optimization of microgrid, and intelligent transportation. Moreover, the candidates are expected to develop the applications of the related technologies in electric vehicles.

Contact: Dr. XU Weihua (



2.20  Research and development on calibration and fusion methodologies for multi-sensor device

The applicant should conduct original research on the design, development, and deployment of highly integrated multi-sensor devices so that to meet the requirement of perception and navigation of mobile robots, self-driving cars, and intelligent unmanned systems. This will promote applications in key areas. The applicant should tackle problems in these directions: 1) design, development, and deployment of multi-sensor devices; 2) automatic self-calibration; 3) multi-sensor fusion and perception; and 4) software-hardware co-optimization, etc.

Contact: Dr. XU Weihua (



There are three titles of the positions: ZJU100 Young Professors, Young Research Professors, and Young Associate Research Professors.


ZJU100 Young Professors refer to those who have tenue track positions in high-level universities, or who have widely acknowledged research achievements or potential.


Young Research Professors or Young Associate Research Professors refer to those who have equivalent academic competence to professors or associate professors.


Applicants should be under the age of 35, while the age limit of Young Research Professors can be extended to 38. The positions are on tenue track with opportunities to apply for tenured faculty positions.


Applicants should send an application package to the specific contact person under each position (cc to, the CSE HR), indicating the position and title applied. The application package should include a resume, statement of research intent, achievements in recent five years, academic contributions, other core competencies, etc. Applicants are required to provide supporting documents on their achievements.



Position III. Postdoc Fellows (under the age of 35)

Applicants should either get in touch with a host professor or send application materials (e.g. resume, statement of research, etc.) to (Ms. LOU Yanshan, Tel: +86-571-87952457).



*About ZJU and the CSE

Founded in 1897, Zhejiang University (ZJU) is one of China’s oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher education. ZJU currently ranks among the top three in mainland China. ZJU ranks No. 45 in the QS World University Rankings 2022 (, No. 6 in the QS Asia University Rankings 2022, and No. 27 for Engineering & Technology in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021.


The Control Science & Engineering (CSE) at ZJU can be traced back to 1956. For more than 60 years, ZJU’s CSE has established a well-organized framework which leverages fundamental research and industrial application as well as technological commercialization. It has played a unique role in the development of industrial automation of Chinese manufacturing, especially the process industry. In the information-rich era, CSE’s emphasis has been extended to more areas besides Industrial Automation, including Industrial Intelligence & Optimization Control, Smart Sensing & Instrumentation, Robotics & Intelligent Unmanned Systems, Cyber Security of Control Systems.


Currently, the CSE is one of the most prestigious research and education bases in the area of industrial process control in China. In 2017, the CSE has been selected for the national Double First-class Initiative and graded as a national A+ discipline (ONLY 3 universities overall in mainland China) in the national assessment.


The CSE’s core areas of research include:

· Industrial Intelligence and Optimization Control

· Robotics and Intelligent Unmanned Systems

· Cyber Security and Safety for Industrial Control Systems

· Smart Sensing and Measurement


Within the CSE, there are several national and international research labs as well as centers.


Three Research Institutes

· Institute of Industrial Process Control

· Institute of Smart Sensing and Measurement

· Institute of Cyber-Systems and Control


Four National Research Labs / Centers

· The State Key Laboratory of Industrial Control Technology

· The National Engineering Research Center for Industrial Automation

· The National Engineering Lab of Industrial Control System Security Technology

· The International-Joint Research Center of Quality-targeted Process Optimization and Control


Two Overseas Academician Joint Labs

· Control and System Security

· Intelligent Robotics


By 2021, there are 100 full-time faculty members with 54 full professors and research fellows in the broad area of Automation, and more than 500 registered undergraduates, 700 students pursuing Master Degree and Ph.D. Degree, more than 30 among whom are degree-seeking international students.


College of Control Science and Engineering

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