• Ethan Sabo

CNN'S Chris Cuomo: "You know I'm Black On the Inside."

Liberal News Network CNN loves to point out that everything is racist, except for one of their hosts. Over the years, we've seen the race-baiting from Anchor Don Lemon, and Chris Cuomo goes almost unnoticed by the "WOKE LEFT."

What do you expect from CNN?

Watch this cringy 22-second clip of Cuomo claiming he's "Black on the inside" as he laughs it up with race-baiting racist Don Lemon.

Imagine the OUTRAGE from the left if Tucker Carlson said such a thing. The lame-stream media would be foaming at the mouth. The sad thing is, Cuomo is allowed to say whatever he wants with ZERO repercussions. Why? Because he's a Democrat and has Democrat Privilege. If you're not a democrat, then you're held to a higher standard and are always on the verge of being canceled.

Cuomo is so woke....


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