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HYPOCRITE: Teachers Union President BUSTED Dropping Kid off At Private School

A video showing the Berkley Teachers' union president Matt Meyer dropping his two-year-old daughter off at an in-person preschool. Meyer recently made comments saying Berkley schools should only re-open if all teachers are vaccinated. Meyer, a white man with dreadlocks ( Cultural appropriation?), also claimed it's "unsafe" for "Your kid" to be back in school, according to local Guerilla Momz. They are advocating ALL schools open back up for in-person learning.

Matt Meyer, president of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers, has advocated for what he referred to as the 'gold standard' for the teachers in the union which he said included, "Social distancing, mask-wearing, and vaccinations for adults will create the safest environment for in-person education for the end of this year."

A tentative plan between the Berkeley Unified School District and Berkeley Federation of Teachers would have had preschoolers through second grade returning to class March 29 and other grades coming back to in-person learning throughout April. -Post Mellinnial

What is it with White Liberals? They believe they know what's BEST for everyone else, all while doing whatever it is they want when they want. We call it a "power trip," and Meyer seems to think he has some power.

These Teachers' unions are doing more harm to your children than the indoctrination that goes on while in school. At least conservative parents can help guide their children after school while still retaining basic grammar, mathematics, and sciences.

Berkeley parent Mara Kolesas, a former PTA Berkeley Council president, told KQED that while she understands parents' anger, and agrees schools should be open, the video by Guerilla Momz crosses a line.
"For me, you don't need to attack people personally, you need to address it politically. When you start getting personal, you mix up dimensions, and you don't get to discuss the real thing," Kolesas said. "Here, the real thing is [Meyer] put fear before science, and the right of teachers before the right of kids. That's the issue." -Fox News

Malcolm X was right when he said White Liberals are the greatest threat to America.

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